Do noise cancelling headphones really work?

If you're someone who likes to enjoy your music or television shows without distractions, noise cancelling earbuds are the perfect solution to block out outside noises. But how well do they work? There are tons of noise cancelling earphones out there, but some were more effective than others. It all depends on what type of noise cancellation technology is being used. If you want to keep up with me as I explore which ones are worth buying.

How Noise Cancelling Works

Noise cancelling headphones from Bose


Active and passive noise cancelling are two types of noise cancelling technology which helps with lowering or total cancelling out outside noise as much as possible. While some headphones or earbuds apply both technologies, there are still some which apply either active or just passive noise cancelling technology. Head down below where we stated some key differences between these two technologies that should help make things clearer before making a decision about what type of headphones might work best for your needs.

Active noise-canceling headphones can do everything that passive ones can -- their very structure creates a barrier and blocks higher frequency sound waves. They also add an extra level of reduction by actively erasing lower frequencies as well! They do this by actively matching the frequency of the incoming sound waves which could ruin the experience for you. On top of that, most headphones which use this technology are often built with material that can absorb sounds such as foam.

Living in the Philippines, budget could be a factor when choosing headphones or earbuds that best fits you. If budget is a constraint, you can go for more affordable headphones that only use passive noise cancelling. It might be enough to drown outside noises. Otherwise, it might be best for your to pick up headphones with active noise cancelling instead.

Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds

Personally, I love using earbuds more in the Philippines due to our hot and humid climate. I’d recommend the QuietComfort® Earbuds from Bose which works great for listening to music and even watching videos from any device. Bose all offers a variety of noise cancelling headphones which you can find here.

In the battle of passive vs. active noise cancelling, which side are you on? Passive is cheaper and easier to produce but it doesn't have a lot of power when trying to cancel out background noise. Active technology has been a go-to for many because it's more durable and allows people to listen with greater clarity in noisy environments like airplanes or busy streets. Do you find yourself drawn towards one over the other? Is your preference due mainly to budget concerns or do you want better sound quality? Whatever your reasoning may be, hope that this article was able to help! 

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